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Wine Bottle Closures

Having the proper wine closure can go a long way in maintaining consistent, quality wine. A consistent flavor can create positive experiences for customers and provide you with returning business. Ensure your wine remains high-quality and fresh with a wine bottle closure from SourceCap. Our team works with you to design caps that align with your brand and vision.

Aluminum Caps for Wine:

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Benefits of Wine Screw Caps

Using screw cap wine closures provides several benefits. Some of these advantages include:

  • They are easier to open and close than corks, which provides a better experience for your customer.
  • Screw caps prevent the wine from being tainted or acquiring an unpleasant smell which offers consistent aging.
  • With optimum quality control, screw caps help maintain consistent flavor and freshness.

We offer our screw caps in short, medium, and long sizes each with a spacer seal. We can also customize the caps to the specific dimensions you require. Our aluminum wine caps are straight tooth-shaped and are made out of A8011 aluminum, which has a thickness of an aluminum sheet. You can choose from Saran Tin, PE, Saranex, Saran, or custom liners.

Advantages of Working with SourceCap

When you partner with SourceCap for wine bottle closures, you receive many advantages beyond just the cap. No matter what artwork or logo you provide, we take the time to ensure it fits onto the cap without distortions or unintentional markings. We can use several processes on your caps using our advanced printers, ranging from hot foil stamping to embossing and debossing.

We test all of the bottle caps we create using high-standard quality control equipment. We look for functionality and durability in adhesiveness, transportation, and other areas. Once you order our screw caps, we use Just-In-Time (JIT) delivery to ensure you get your products when you need them.


Contact SourceCap Today for Wine Bottle Closures

Ensure your business has caps that are easy to use and retain the integrity of your wine. The professionals at SourceCap will help you develop custom wine closures that maintain your reputation. Choose from our multiple sizes and design options today with the help of our experienced team.

We provide individualized attention to our customers to deliver your products at the right time. Our staff is available to provide assistance with orders and products or to answer any questions. Let SourceCap be your wine closure supplier by getting in touch with us today for more information or to request a quote.