Research & Development Background

Research & Development

Research & Development

Research & Development

At SourceCap, we use several methods to ensure enhancement in our products. From the equipment we use to the tests we employ, our teams determine what works and how we can improve, then pass that along to you.


In our technical center, we have over 30 technicians consistently working on product development. We’ve gathered more than 60 patents as a result of this effort and have additional applications currently in process for new patents. We use numerous types of machinery in our assembly plant, including:

  • Plastic injection machinery.
  • Plate shearing machinery.
  • Plate printing equipment.
  • Printing machines.

Our equipment allows us to create custom-designed, innovative closures. We update our bottle closures with our advanced machinery as we gather more information about their performance.

Research & Development

Quality Control

Since we develop closures for several industries, we perform quality control tests to ensure they work properly. All aluminum, plastics, and ink we use for any food or beverage products are first approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

We perform the following quality control tests for our closures:

  • Production: Cap torque with digital display, aging, tensile, and vacuum leak tests.
  • Coating: Adhesive ability, color, film thickness, and hardness tests.
  • Packaging: Simulated auto transportation vibration table with projector test.

Ideas and Innovation

SourceCap has been working within this industry for years. Our teams conduct research and development to find the best ways to produce closures. From the materials we use to how we make products, we are consistently looking for new ways to improve.

Running our products through quality control tests allows us to see how they would perform under ideal circumstances. However, we also understand the importance of listening to your feedback. When we combine all of these elements, we can constantly enhance our closures and adapt to market changes.

We test all of our best ideas and integrate them into our products, allowing you to reap the benefits.

Research & Development

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SourceCap takes pride in consistent innovation within our research and development department. Our goal is to create high-quality, durable closures that work well for industries ranging from beverages to cosmetics. We use our advanced machinery and quality control methods to always look for ways to improve.

Our teams work with you on an individual scale, ensuring that we understand your needs and find a way to meet them. SourceCap is here to work with you in creating the best bottle closures on the market. Contact us today for more information about our caps and closures.