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Oil & Vinegar


Oil & Vinegar

Oil and vinegar are valuable products that require long-lasting, functional caps. At SourceCap, we work with you to make the best possible closures that help you maintain your business’s reputation.

Aluminum Caps for Oil and Vinegar

Finding a reliable aluminum cap for oil and vinegar is easy with the help of SourceCap. Our closures are high-quality and built to preserve your product for as long as possible. The sturdy aluminum ensures adequate continued use of the lid. Our products come in numerous types and sizes to fit any size bottle, including:

  • Short skirt caps
  • Medium skirt caps
  • Long skirt caps

We also carry multiple fitments, which are often a useful tool for pouring vinegar and oil. You can order from our selection of sizes or have caps and fitments custom-made to fit your bottles.

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Advantages of SourceCap Oil and Vinegar Closures

Working with SourceCap for oil and vinegar closures has several benefits. We operate from within the United States and can print your custom design on each bottle cap. Our team can work with colors, artwork, logos, or whatever else you would like for your closures. We ensure a clear, crisp finish on each design. On our printers, we can use numerous processes, including top and side foil stamping, printing with UV inks, and more.

We test any bottle closures and fitments we create with control equipment before shipment. Our teams look for durability in transportation, adhesiveness, and other areas. We can hold three to four months of your inventory at our warehouse, ensuring you will never have to worry about delays in receiving the product. Plus, with our Just-In-Time delivery option, you can trust that your caps will arrive on time.

Working with SourceCap takes away any problems with overseas delays or customs issues. We also wait to send your invoice until after the product leaves our warehouse.

Oil & Vinegar

Contact SourceCap for Oil and Vinegar Caps Today

Purchase durable and effective oil and vinegar caps from SourceCap. We work with you to incorporate your design and branding ideas into well-made closures. Choose from any of our multiple size options or customize your own with our experienced team today.

Our teams are here to provide individualized care. We ensure that you receive the products you want precisely when you need them. We can also help answer any questions and provide assistance with orders and products. Partner with SourceCap as your oil and vinegar cap supplier today. Contact us online now to request a quote on your custom closures.