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The finest spirits need the protection of high-quality bottle caps. Your spirits likely travel to numerous places, whether locally or nationally. To ensure these beverages maintain their high quality, you will need a well-made bottle cap. You can even create a bottle cap or closure that matches your brand perfectly with our customizable options. Make transportation easy, secure and without leaks by using SourceCap products and services.

Aluminum Caps for Distilled Spirits

Spirits Spirits

Branded Spirits Bottle Caps

You can purchase spirits closures in multiple sizes and have the outside custom printed to match your brand. We currently offer our products in short, medium, and long options. We can also produce a custom size for your bottles if necessary.

Our aluminum caps are made from high-quality aluminum in custom thicknesses and shapes. We use a spacer seal, seal-type, and have a variety of liner options including Saranex, Saran Tin, Saran, PE, or customized.

Benefits of Closures From SourceCap

Working with SourceCap for custom spirits closures has many advantages. Our design team works in the United States and will print whatever you need on your bottle caps. We ensure the artwork fits the bottle cap without any distortions or marks. With our advanced printers, we use several processes for your design, including silk screen printing, glitter varnish coatings, side shaving, and more.

By using quality control equipment, we ensure your products are functional and durable. We examine everything from the adhesive quality and how it holds up to aging and transportation. Additionally, we will hold your inventory in our local or regional warehouses and ship it to you as necessary with Just-In-Time delivery.


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Having the right cap to preserve your distilled spirits ensures that you remain a top-quality business. SourceCap can help you create custom bottle closures that make your company excel. With multiple sizes and design options, our teams are ready to help create your caps today.

We offer individualized attention to our customers, ensuring you receive the correct items when you need them. If you require assistance with our website or products, we are standing by and ready to help. SourceCap understands the significance of exceptional bottle closures. Contact us today to start working with SourceCap as your new spirits closures supplier.