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SourceCap has over 40 years experience in the caps and closures industry. Combining this with our knowledge of current technology and standards, makes us the best choice for all your needs. SourceCap offers the highest quality closures with additional services and cost effective solutions for your closure needs.

SourceCap’s manufacturing plants are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and Research & Development facilities. SourceCap is capable of manufacturing a wide variety of aluminum and plastic caps as well as substrates such as wood, plastic, aluminum, cork, synthetic, etc.

Our facilities and production lines are arranged with extensive quality controls, and are accredited and certified by ISO, HACCP, Environmental Protection and Occupational Safety, and Health Management Systems.

SourceCap is trusted and recognized by customers for our high quality closures, value-added services, and sustainable innovation initiatives. In addition, SourceCap closures are distributed world-wide.


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