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SourceCap closures

Bottle Closures

We’re proud to offer the best quality closures for spirits, wine, and oil and vinegar bottles. Our team works with you to create bottle closures that reflect your style and branding in the most accurate way.

Types and Sizes

We have a large aluminum bottle cap line. Our products come in several options, including:

  • Roll-on, pilfer-proof (ROPP) closures.
  • Long skirt caps.
  • Medium skirt caps.
  • Short skirt caps.
  • Plastic non-refillable screw caps.

Skirt caps screw into the bottle’s neck. This helps provide a better seal and protect against outside contaminants.

For ROPP closures, we offer 25 mm to 38 mm wide options with a height of up to 60 mm. With non-refillable closures, you can get them in 28 mm to 32.5 mm sizes with a height of up to 60 mm.


We have numerous printing capabilities that allow us to bring your design to life. Whether you want a certain logo, branding materials, or colors, our design team can make it happen with our state-of-the-art printing machines. We can do everything from embossing and debossing to a glitter varnish coating.

Upon request, we will even customize the size of your bottle closures. No matter what you need, our team can create high-quality products and ship them to you on time.

Fitments and More

Fitments help control the amount of liquid that comes out of the container. Depending on the liquid within your bottle, it may be very beneficial to have a fitment. We offer several varieties of fitments, which you can either order by size or have custom-made to your specifications.

Additionally, we provide free tooling if you order a minimum quantity of our products.


Use SourceCap for Bottle Closures

Partner with SourceCap as your bottle closures supplier today for customizable caps, closures and fitments. We’ll work with you to help create the size, quantities, and design you need. Our team can hold three to four months of inventory in our warehouses, ensuring that you’ll always have enough product, and we’ll only send you the invoice once your shipment has left our warehouse.

Plus, we offer Just-In-Time delivery weekly, meaning that you don’t have to worry about delays or storing excess materials, and since our products are made in the United States, you can trust they will arrive quickly.

Our experts can provide technical support and offer assistance where needed, too. Contact us online today for more information about our bottle closures.